Friday, 22 June 2007


Helping you to feel Good Inside I tried to use these good bacteria yogurts but found that I didn’t really like the taste so I know its important the benefits of good bacteria and was often stumped until a friend introduced me to Molkosan.

Last month my friend put me onto the consumption of Molkosan which can be taken as a daily nutritional drink which is classed as a pre biotic drink with good bacteria and green tea extract. As it is the New Year and as always there are the tasks of trying to keep in shape and reduce the amount of stress and bad habits.

I decide to order a packet from a reliable e-bay seller its also available from a large number of health shops. I mix the powder with Black currant juice and add pure spring water. I have been taking this now for the period before Christmas and now into the New Year and I can certainly feel and improvement within my metabolism that’s has really given me more energy to achieve things. A brief history of Molkosan is as follows. Molkosan was invented by Alfred Vogel in 1923.

Alfred Vogel learnt from the Swiss farmers the healthy benefits of whey. By careful analysis of the Whey he found many of the naturally occurring substances of the human digestive system. Vogel went on to create a unique pure Whey concentrate which was named Molkosan. To day Molkosan is one of the most beneficial and healthy natural products available and I personally have felt much better both internally in the last month and feel that this product and various other New Year resolutions will help in being a healthier human and much slimmer as this products helps to increase the efficiency of the metabolism.

The ingredients are as follows: Maize Starch, Concentrated Whey powder, lactic acid, fructose, Orange flavour and green tea extract.

Green tea has been known to have many medical benefits the ancient Chinese have been using it as part of the treatment for the following for as long as 4,000 years. Green Tea extract has been known to have benefits for.
• cancer
• rheumatoid arthritis
• high cholesterol levels
• cardiovascular disease
• infection
• impaired immune function

These days research carried in both the east and west is starting to provide hard evidence for the health benefits of drinking green tea combined with the natural occurring substances of the digestive system found in Whey have really given me a lift. There are reports available that have suggest that green tea can strengthen the immunity to cancer. Other advantages to taking Molkosan are that it can help in keeping the cholesterol balance level reducing the level (LDL) cholesterol against the good cholesterol (HDL). Molkosan has also got a number of vital vitamins for the body which include.

Vitamin A and some of the B and C group, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Not so long ago my aunty nearly died from not having enough potassium and came within days of extinction so I gladly recommended that she keeps a regular dose and hopefully be with us a few more years.